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Finding The Perfect Bridal Accessories

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Zina Kumok

You’ve got the dress, the bridesmaids and the venue. Now what? If you’re done booking venues or are in between tasks, searching for the perfect bridal accessories to match your dress can take a lot of time.

If you need suggestions on where to find the perfect bridal accessory, read below.


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Consignment and Vintage stores

For months, I’d been scouring stores for a simple pearl necklace to wear with my dress. Since my gown was blush pink, I wanted to find a similarly toned necklace to match it. But all of the necklaces I found were shades of white; the only blush pearl necklace I found was made of real pearls and cost $200.

My then-fiance had recommended a local vintage store to me, and while shopping there with a friend (only a few weeks before the wedding), I found the perfect necklace. It was blush, featured larger pearl beads and only cost $6. Its choker style was exactly what I wanted.

Department stores

Don’t forget about department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom when you’re shopping for the perfect gear to match your wedding dress. Those stores carry a huge variety and often have sales or coupons you can use to score a better deal.

Bridal stores are great for items like veils or jeweled belts, but can hold a limited selection of jewelry and shoes that are perfect for your big day. The best part? You can usually return them if you go home and find that they don’t match your dress. (I went with grosgrain TOMS in a ballet pink color.)


photo credit: Kelley Jordan Photography



If you find something you like, but can’t cough up the cash, look online. eBay is a great resource for anything you want to buy, including wedding jewelry, shoes and hair accessories. Make sure to check the seller’s reviews and verify that you’re not buying a copycat.

You could wind up saving huge. When I first found my wedding dress at Nordstrom, I checked on eBay to see if someone was selling the same dress. I ended up buying it there 70% off the retail price.

Secondhand websites

Websites like ThreadFlip, Poshmark and others are a great way to find accessories that are slightly used, but still in great condition. Whether you’re coveting a beaded bag or Badgley Mischka heels, you can look online to see if someone is selling them. That way, you don’t have to feel guilty about dropping serious dough on something you’ll likely wear only once. Don’t forget about Rent the Runway! 

Local boutiques

The headband that I wore on my wedding day came from a local boutique in Dayton, Ohio, where I was visiting a friend. We were casually shopping and while I knew I wanted a headband, I didn’t think I’d find it there.

It was simple, elegant and fit the look I wanted perfectly. Do some research on unique local stores in your city. You might find some accessories that are from local designers or are handmade in other countries. Plus, the prices are likely to be better there than at a bridal superstore.

Where did you look for your bridal accessories?

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