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I hope you all have seen this video… because it's so ridiculously hilarious.Β  I shared the clean version b/c that “Kelly” has got one dirty mouth… haha. Whenever I look at shoes, whether online or in the store, this silly song pops in my head. πŸ™‚ While browsing the web for some shoes, I found these shoes don't suck… Not at all.

I've decided that I can't really do blue shoes anymore since blue is no longer one of my colors… so obvs it's gotta be yellow or teal/turquoise. I think I want a peep-toe pump, something with a stable heel.

These shoes don't suck

I freakin' love these. They are kinda pricey but not TOO bad… how adorable are they?

These shoes don't suck

I thought these were pretty cute- and CHEAP. Not sure how I feel about the fading effect from dark to light yellow though…

These shoes don't suck

Like I said I'd rather have a peep toe but I thought these were HOT.

These shoes don't suck

Another cheaper option. I love the stitching on these, it kinda reminds me of cowboy boots for some reason. No peep toe, though.

These shoes don't suck

These are on the high end price wise. But how HOT are they? I don't know that either color will really fit, the blue is a little too blue and the yellow is a little too orange. le sigh…

These shoes don't suck

Aren't these cute? I think either color would work but I don't know how I'd feel about the buckles with my hopefully elegant and simple gown. What do you think?

These shoes don't suck

I think these ones are so adorable! Great color and I love the little bows!!

These shoes don't suck

I just threw these in because I think they are SO cute. WAY out of my price range of course. And probably not so great for the spring wedding. But super HOT! πŸ™‚

Ever since I saw this post by Miss Tiramisu over on WeddingBee, I have been checking out for shoes. They have some interesting choices, but some are REALLY cute AND affordable, which is what me likes. πŸ™‚

So ladies, tell me which is your fave?!

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  • My favorites are either the first ones – the Betseyville with yellow polka-dots – or the Charles David “Tux” pumps in the teal. Those two are really cute!

    One thing to keep in mind, sometimes less expensive shoes won’t have the same support built in, so they’re not as strong or comfortable for long periods of time. Since it’s your wedding day, I’d go for the cutest and most comfortable!

  • I’ll take one of each, size 8.5! heh. But I like the Delicious, J Crew in yellow/orange, and the Charles the most.

  • Guilty Secret

    What cute taste in shoes you have!

    I like the Charles David ones πŸ™‚

  • Lauren

    I might just have to pick up a pair of those turquoise heels. I’m kind of crazy obsessed with my business colors, and I’ve been looking for a pair of shoes to shoot in πŸ˜€ What a great find!

  • The J.CREW ones for sure!!!

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