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Tiffany Inspired Wedding Invitations (Part 2)

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In my previous post about my Tiffany Inspired Wedding Invitations I broke down the materials list and pricing for creating a set of 70 invites.  This week, I’ll include the dimensions of all the different cards used.


Just a note, I used my Silhouette cutter to cut out all of the card stock and black pieces and it worked like a dream! (Here’s my original review of the Silhouette ).  I just created a layout for the different sizes I needed and would hit cut. The shapes were constant every time, without measuring!

Main invite:


Black paper – 5-7/8” square.  I also used my Silhouette cutter to create the lace floral edging. We played around with just a solid square, but felt the design added to the look of the invite.

White – 5-1/2” square


Accommodation Card:


Blue – 6-3/16” tall x 5” wide

Black – 5-15/16” tall x 4-¾” wide

White – 5-11/16” tall x 4-½” wide

Reception Card:


Blue – 5-3/16” tall x 5” wide

Black – 4-15/16” tall x 4-3/4” wide

White – 4-11/16” tall x 4-1/2” wide


RSVP Card:


Blue – 3-1/2” tall x 5” wide

Black – 3-1/4” tall x 4-3/4” wide

White – 3” tall x 4-1/2” wide


I played around with a few different adhesives and found Scotch double sided tape to be the easiest and most effective to use. One thing I liked about the tape was that I could pull up sections and re position them if needed, without ruining the paper. I found the best deal from eBay for a 6 pack for about $13.50 Just as a note, I was warned against using some glues as they can lose their adhesiveness in colder temperatures!


For the Tiffany bow, a great step by step resource can be found here http://www.everydaytreats.com/blog/2008/1/23/how-to-tie-a-tiffany-bow.html. Then I used a 12 pack of sparkle stickers that I found from the dollar section of Michael’s craft store. I liked how the stickers matched the cut out pattern on the main invite!


Instead of using traditional sealing wax that requires lighting a flame and allowing the wax to drip onto the sealing surface I found wax sticks that are used in a glue gun by www.letterseals.com (I had purchased from their Etsy store). I found these incredibly easy to use and would recommend them. One tip I did learn was to set your glue gun at a lower setting (if available). If you set your gun down for any extended length of time then tip it upwards a bit of the wax would run out freely – so have a test/scrap surface available for this!


As I mentioned before, Nick’s mom hand wrote all of the wording for the Tiffany Inspired Wedding Invitations. For the information on the reception, RSVP, accommodation, and ceremony portions she wrote a master copy on plain white printer paper which we than scanned on our church’s copier and shrunk to size.  This also allowed her to cut and paste in letters or portions of words, as needed without rewriting the entire sheet. The printer didn’t pick up any of the seams, either!

IMG_7110 IMG_7109

Once we had the sizes we wanted, we maximized how many items we could print from a single sheet of paper, and placed them into the corners of the sheet – to reduce the amount of cuts I would need to make. We also marked areas where I would need to make cuts on the master copy, so it would be printed onto each final sheet in order to save time having to re-measure every single sheet of where cuts would need to be made.

IMG_7112 IMG_7111

Our church graciously let us use their copier for printing in return for a paper donation. We were initially going to buy a new ink cartridge in return to replace what we used then learned the church has a contract for the machine for which unlimited ink is already included.  They suggest a paper donation instead. I was lucky enough to snag some awesome deals at Staples for 12 packs of paper which ended up being free to me after rebate! (Over a $100 retail value!).

Once we had a finalized invitation suite packaged and ready to go we took it to the post office for weighing. Square envelopes require more postage and so do thicker letters, non-machine able and hand stamped mail.  We were anticipating higher postage costs than an average letter, but were a little surprised at $1.40/invitation! Nonetheless, we were committed and I wasn’t about to redo all the invites! I liked the look of multiple stamps on envelopes and the postal worker helped me plan how many stamps we could use in different denominations.


I have to admit, in the end my DIY Tiffany Inspired Wedding Invitations were a huge undertaking! From the time I first handed the paper off to Nick’s mom until the time the invites went into the mail took just over 3 months to complete! Plus, postage costs were (in my opinion) rather high. But, I’m pretty satisfied with how they turned out and I’ve been getting great reviews of them as our friends and family have been receiving theirs. I have to share a photo collage that one of my friends put together after she received her invite!


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