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Top 5 DIY Pins: Purple Glam Wedding Inspiration

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Almost immediately following my romantic proposal in Puerto Rico I did what all giddy, newly engaged ladies do and hit Pinterest! I Googled a 100 or more things I thought I’d ever need at my wedding. We waited to set the wedding budget a couple weeks after our engagement and for three glorious weeks I was able to dream, pin, and drool over wedding plans without a clear budget in mind.

Purple Glam Wedding Inspiration

We later set our budget for $10K. I quickly revised my Plan of Attack for Pinterest and went straight to work looking for the best and most reasonable DIY projects because most of our $10K budget was going toward airfares, accommodations, and the reception.

The purple glam wedding theme was Chuck’s persuasion; we based it off his favorite color purple, actually it is shiny metallic purple. The lights and atmosphere of Las Vegas make a great glam backdrop for our theme and the destination will suite us as a fun meet-up for family & friends from around the country. The rich purple shades of gemstones act as my color palette while planning. I expect to have our dream wedding run under budget and to sparkle on my big day.

 My Top 5 DIY Pins for our Purple Glam Wedding on a Budget:

Top 5 DIY Projects Purple Glam Wedding Inspiration
1. I have been stuck on Shutterfly! Simply adding a thoughtful fan to an outdoor wedding will surely be an appreciated gesture for our guests. And, have you seen their recent post on the Pantone shades of orchids! You can see Shutterfly

2. Personalized Welcome Bags. From Scheme Wedding and Events, “How to Arrange a Vegas Themed Welcome Bags”. I look forward to making our bags reusable by sewing them from fabric. We have also decided to spend $500 filling them with goodies for each guest. I think this will add the personal touch we are looking for, as well as, snacks, directions, schwag, etc.

3. This awesome tutorial from The Kurtz Corner shows you how to upcycle or revamp an already broken-in pair of pumps from your closet with glitter. Perfect, I already own a pair of nude pumps, Mod Podge, and some Martha Stewart Fine Glitter will cost me $4 with a 40% off coupon. Boom!

4. Glam Nails. So freaking cute! If you are not confidant painting your own nails, don’t fret. A full set of nails won’t break the bank at maybe $40 including a tip. Or a sheet of nail wraps from Jamberry (which is 2 manicures, 2 pedicures and 4 accents) will cost $15 and I can do them at home with a blow dryer. Score!

5. Fabric covered letters for the ceremony site, photography props, and much more! Thanks to Chemistry Couture, I will have the inspiration to cover the word LOVE for another upcycled wedding treasure. We already have sheets of Styrofoam from our move, so my first attempt will be to reuse what we have first.

Check back for more completed images of how my DIY wedding projects turned out, including how I rebounded from a huge printing error!


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