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couponing your wedding

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Hello, fellow Budget Savvy Brides!

In order to design a wedding on a budget, I’ve had to find new ways to stretch our dollar. Here are some tips for couponing your wedding, and budget-friendly deals:


1) Craft stores ALWAYS have coupons (and great sales!):

Check weekly for coupons and sales at stores such as Joann’s and Michael’s. You’ll often find 50% percent off coupons to pair with great wedding décor and DIY projects. Here are some great buys that I have found:

  •  50 piece Invitation set (retailed for $24.99), pre-tax total: $12.50 (Coupon)
  •  Rhinestone Bridal Belt (retailed for $19.99), pre-tax total: $9.99 (Coupon)
  •  Chalk Board Paint for DIY Project (retailed for $7.99), pre-tax total: $3.99 (Coupon)
  • Peony Bridal Bouquet (retailed for $14.99), pre-tax total: $7.50 (50% Sale)
  • Bridesmaid flowers (retailed for $2.99), pre-tax total: $1.50 (50% Sale)
  • “Thank You” cards; 100 Count (retailed for $19.99), pre-tax total: $9.99 (Coupon)
  • Spray Paint for DIY Project (retailed for $7.99), pre-tax total: $3.99 (Coupon)
  • Paper Mache Letters ($1 off + 15 – 25% Sale)
  • Flower Girl Basket (retailed for $11.99), pre-tax total: $5.99 (Coupon)


**Please note: Be sure to check the policy of the coupon that you will be using. Most times you cannot pair a coupon with an item that is already on sale. Usually, waiting for an item to be “off sale” and pairing the item with a coupon is a much better deal. However, please note that craft stores in your area might have different pricing than above.


2) There’s nothing wrong with the Dollar Tree:

I know, I know — the Dollar Tree is often looked upon as cheap and of ill-taste for a wedding. But, you will be surprised what great pieces you can find! Have you seen their amazing DIY Weddings section on their site?

  • Flowers, $1!
  • Flower Girl Petals, $1!
  • Raffia (great for rustic centerpieces!), $1!
  • Vases, $1!
  • Flip Flops (great for dancing!), $1!
  • Party supplies: cups, plates, serving wear, wine glasses, $1!
  • Favor Boxes, $1!

**Please note: Check around for prices first. Even though items are $1, they are sold in smaller quantities. Sometimes you can stretch your dollar even more elsewhere!



3) Bargain shopping — (no thrift stores here!):

At the date of this posting, I have not stepped foot into one thrift store to purchase wedding items. I don’t have much luck with these places, and I am notorious for finding bargains in “regular” stores.

Great places to shop for wedding bargains:

  • Ross (or any other outlet store):
    • Lanterns with LED light ($7.99 each)
    • Bird cage for cards ($14.99)
    • LOVE  décor sign ($4.99)
  • Old Time Pottery:
    • Pink Chandelier ($15)
    • Cupcake Décor sign ($2.99)
    • Rustic Décor sign ($9.99)
    • White Lights ($1.99 per box)


I hope these simple tips have inspired you to find new ways to create a wedding on a dime. Comment below if you would like to share your bargain ideas, too!

Blessings to you,


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About Kelsey

Kelsey is a young bride (18) seeking to create an elegant wedding on a dime! She's a college graduate, future law school student, follower of Christ, lover of books, "couponer", foodie, and high school sweetheart to Joel. Kelsey was born, raised, and currently resides in Southwest Florida. Joel and Kelsey have "saved the date" for the fall of 2013!

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  • Mary Jo S.

    The Dollar Tree also has the best price around on those little glass pebbles that are great for weighting down light centerpieces. They call them “accent gems”.

  • Craigslist is also a great place to get cheap wedding stuff! If you do a search for *Wedding* you can find a lot of once used items for pretty cheap.

    I got enough glass pieces for our centerpieces + a candy buffet + other areas of our wedding for $75. If I got them full price, or even at TJ Maxx, it would easily have been close to $200.

  • Krisstin

    Great tips for the budget bride! Love these ideas.

  • Kelsey Scarbrough

    Hi ladies!
    Thank you for your comments. Mary Jo S., yes the little glass pebbles are great, and so inexpensive! Denise, Craigslist is another great source. In my area (in SW FL), I have not seen good deals, but I think it’s a matter of timing and luck. So glad you were able to purchase your candy bar items for a good price. I found HUGE “jars” at Ross a few days ago for $7.99 a piece. Hoped to be of inspiration, Krisstin!

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