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Top Tips for Couponing Your Wedding

couponing your wedding

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Hello, fellow Budget Savvy Brides!

In order to design a wedding on a budget, I’ve had to find new ways to stretch our dollar. Here are some tips for couponing your wedding, and budget-friendly deals:


1) Craft stores ALWAYS have coupons (and great sales!):

Check weekly for coupons and sales at stores such as Joann’s and Michael’s. You’ll often find 50% percent off coupons to pair with great wedding décor and DIY projects. Here are some great buys that I have found:

  •  50 piece Invitation set (retailed for $24.99), pre-tax total: $12.50 (Coupon)
  •  Rhinestone Bridal Belt (retailed for $19.99), pre-tax total: $9.99 (Coupon)
  •  Chalk Board Paint for DIY Project (retailed for $7.99), pre-tax total: $3.99 (Coupon)
  • Peony Bridal Bouquet (retailed for $14.99), pre-tax total: $7.50 (50% Sale)
  • Bridesmaid flowers (retailed for $2.99), pre-tax total: $1.50 (50% Sale)
  • “Thank You” cards; 100 Count (retailed for $19.99), pre-tax total: $9.99 (Coupon)
  • Spray Paint for DIY Project (retailed for $7.99), pre-tax total: $3.99 (Coupon)
  • Paper Mache Letters ($1 off + 15 – 25% Sale)
  • Flower Girl Basket (retailed for $11.99), pre-tax total: $5.99 (Coupon)


**Please note: Be sure to check the policy of the coupon that you will be using. Most times you cannot pair a coupon with an item that is already on sale. Usually, waiting for an item to be “off sale” and pairing the item with a coupon is a much better deal. However, please note that craft stores in your area might have different pricing than above.


2) There’s nothing wrong with the Dollar Tree:

I know, I know — the Dollar Tree is often looked upon as cheap and of ill-taste for a wedding. But, you will be surprised what great pieces you can find! Have you seen their amazing DIY Weddings section on their site?

  • Flowers, $1!
  • Flower Girl Petals, $1!
  • Raffia (great for rustic centerpieces!), $1!
  • Vases, $1!
  • Flip Flops (great for dancing!), $1!
  • Party supplies: cups, plates, serving wear, wine glasses, $1!
  • Favor Boxes, $1!

**Please note: Check around for prices first. Even though items are $1, they are sold in smaller quantities. Sometimes you can stretch your dollar even more elsewhere!



3) Bargain shopping — (no thrift stores here!):

At the date of this posting, I have not stepped foot into one thrift store to purchase wedding items. I don’t have much luck with these places, and I am notorious for finding bargains in “regular” stores.

Great places to shop for wedding bargains:

  • Ross (or any other outlet store):
    • Lanterns with LED light ($7.99 each)
    • Bird cage for cards ($14.99)
    • LOVE  dĂ©cor sign ($4.99)
  • Old Time Pottery:
    • Pink Chandelier ($15)
    • Cupcake DĂ©cor sign ($2.99)
    • Rustic DĂ©cor sign ($9.99)
    • White Lights ($1.99 per box)


I hope these simple tips have inspired you to find new ways to create a wedding on a dime. Comment below if you would like to share your bargain ideas, too!

Blessings to you,


Kelsey Scarbrough

is a bride blogger who got married in 2013. You can read her wedding planning posts here.