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How To Track Down That Pin

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Did you know you can search for stuff on the internet by not just a written description but by photos & images?!?! As I’ve said before, I’m not the most tech savvy bride on the planet.  Recently, I learned about a wonderful little tool called Google Image Search.  Maybe you’ve already used it, but for those of you just like me, I’d like to share with you how I’m using Image Search to find original sites for pins on Pinterest.

I’m going to use a pair of shoes I pinned as an example.


I’ve already found my wedding shoes, but after coming across a pin for these gorgeous boots I couldn’t stop thinking about them! I wanted to learn a little more about them such as who made them and the price tag. Who knows, maybe they’d be honeymoon worthy if the price was right! Unfortunately the link on the picture I pinned led me to this dead end http://ana-rosa.tumblr.com/post/61360289714. So, I need to do a little more investigative work if I want  these boots.

Step by Step for Image Searching:

1)      Save the image to your computer

Save image find websites for pictures on Pinterest

2)      Go to Google and click on ‘Images’


3)      The Google Images search will come up. Here you can either upload a file or paste one. For my boot example, I’ve uploaded the boot photo I had saved to my computer

find websites for pictures on Pinterest.

4)      You’ll still have to do a little investigation work, but look though the links on similar photos that come up. Chances are one should be for the original image!

find websites for pictures on Pinterest

Here I found the original site for the boots. It’s from a company in England called House of Elliot. Unfortunately the boots are a bit out of my price range at this time, but I also found they have other fun styles and colors! Maybe further down the road if I’m looking for something a fun date night, I’ll have to come back and check them out. My newest love is for the black ankle lace ups I found!


Just as a warning, Using Google Images will open up an entirely new level to shopping and craft projects! So, make sure your budget and DIY list can handle it, LOL! I’ve also used it to find this funky cat hanger and the remaining wording to this awesome program cover:

cat program find websites for pictures on Pinterest.


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