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Now that we have officially met, I thought I would take some time to give you a little preview of my wedding planning and show you some of the inspiration pieces I am collecting to help with it. Once we picked the date (October 8th) we picked our colors, which will be Granny Smith apple green and Tiffany blue. In lamens terms… turquoise and green.

For starters, Derek and I both have a love for all things vintage and old, so this was an important aspect to include in the wedding.

We have been collecting blue Ball jars to act as vases for the centerpieces at each table.

Turquoise and Green Wedding Inspiration

We have also bought books with a blue or green spine to be used on the tables. And a little fun fact… every title has something to do with love (or weather since Derek is the weatherman haha)

Turquoise and Green Wedding Inspiration

And we are using vintage suitcases and train cases (turquoise and green) to hold programs, silverware, etc. at the reception.

Turquoise and Green Wedding Inspiration

Also, I'm a bit of a fabric hoarder so I plan on using fabric samples in all shades on the tables as well.

Turquoise and Green Wedding Inspiration

If you know me (which you already do haha) you know that besides Derek, one of my true loves in life is vintage Pyrex! So as a way to incorporate these beauties into the wedding, we are using my collected pieces to hold sweet treats at our candy bar!

I have read over and over again the piece of advice “let your wedding represent you!” and by using things we already love, I think we are off to a good start at accomplishing that. Plus, thrifting and collecting items is also a great way to save money in the long run.

Turquoise and Green Wedding Inspiration

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  • Awesome! I love the pyrex. I have some of those as well (the ones in the upper left). Classic. More power to you 🙂 — Deb

  • Oh I love friendship too! It is always so hard to find, though.
    And thank you so much!!

  • Jenn

    Haha love the vintage Pyrex! I also own the blue butterprint set you have — gotta love Ebay. Great idea to make use of it as a candy bar. 🙂

  • Latoya

    Where did you find the blue mason jars?

  • I actually hit the jackpot with the blue jars. I started collecting a few here and there whenever I went thrifting (and I was paying close to $7 a piece for some of the larger ones) but then I walked into one store that had a whole wall of them for $2 each! I bought everything they had and I have even had friends ask if they can buy some or borrow them fr their weddings after I use them.

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