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Thanks to everyone who emailed and commented on my post about birdcage veils! You guys are oh-so-helpful! 🙂 I've got alot of great options to explore! Many people suggested ETSY. I have to admit, I love looking at all the lovely things people make and sell on ETSY. However, I've never taken the plunge and bought anything. After looking at lots of sellers who make the birdcage veils, I decided to search for turquoise necklaces. If you remember, I had this as my inspiration, (I know the images might be gone right now but they should return by the end of the week!) If they are gone, you can see the images from the post click here, here, here and here. I found alot of gorgeous options. Oh how's a girl to choose!?turquoise necklaces

All found on ETSY

I'm starting to wonder if I should do the big chunky necklace look. With the fabric of my dress and the volume of my skirt with the pickups, I'm not sure if it would look weird. Thoughts? AND keep in mind that I'm going to be wearing a birdcage veil with my hair down and curly… I just don't want to look like I've got ‘too much' going on, ya know? Dear readers, tell me your thoughts!Turquoise Necklaces

Image found on ETSY by seller candysart

This one is my absolute favorite. Isn't it PERFECT?! However it sold a few hours after I discovered it. Woe is me. 🙁

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  • Ally

    The nice thing about etsy is that if you have an account w/them, you can begin a Conversation with the seller, citing the necklace or product you loved and ask if they would be able to make a replica or work up something similar. Most are very willing to work with your ideas.

    Good luck! I love etsy, have bought several things from it, all of which were fantastic.

  • Good Morning,

    I follow your blog and you struck a chord with this post. I make jewelry and this morning I just posted a new turquoise necklace, see it here. I would love to work with you on a special necklace for your big day. Check out the rest of the jewelry from my site and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks for checking out ETSY. It really is a cool website.

    Designs by Krissy

  • Ashley

    i’d say forego the chunky beads and go with the ones you have listed that have a flower and some other details. still bold but more flattering.

    so beautiful. all of them. and will be such a cute compliment to you shoes!

  • Victoria

    Ack! I’ve fallen in love with the very first necklace in your mosaic (in the top left). Any memory of who the seller was? Thanks!

  • Nicole-Lynn

    Love this jewlery! My fav. color!

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