Upstate New York Budget Wedding

We’re back with another lovely budget savvy wedding! This upstate New York budget wedding has some truly lovely details and was captured fabulously by Paige Overturf Photography. I love the simple centerpieces on the tables– it goes to show you don’t have to go crazy in order to put together something nice. I also really appreciate the fact the bride and groom got their families involved in their prep and projects for the big day- it’s definitely one of my favorite ways to be budget savvy! Hope you enjoy this installment of the BSWOW! xoxo – Jessica

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Khrystyne + Nic 


Clinton, New York, Hamilton Chapel (Ceremony)

What was your budget? Please give us a breakdown of how you spent your budget– rough estimates are fine!

Since my parents were planning the wedding, we had a little more freedom with the budget than most couples that have to pay for their own wedding, but I think in the end our budget was under $15,000

Catering- $5000

Venue- $2000 (this included the church for the ceremony and the tent for the reception)

Photography- $1000 – Paige Overturf did an amazing job!!

Decorations- $500

Flowers- $400

Cake- $300

Dress/Accessories- $300

Suit: $150

Invitations/Programs/Stamps: $400


How many guests did you have?     


What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding? 

Looking back on our wedding, my husband and I’s favorite part about the whole thing was that we were able to spend so much time with our families and close friends before the wedding. We had scheduled the rehearsal two days before the wedding, and it was one of the best things we could have done. We were able to fix any minor details the next day, and the whole weekend was spent just chilling and having time with our close friends. Also, everyone who was involved with the wedding was a friend (musicians, photographer, wedding coordinator) and that made it incredibly personal. We also had our family involved a lot throughout the ceremony. My husband’s father is an ordained minister and married us, my dad said something to my husband before he gave me away, and we had both of our parents come and pray with us during the ceremony, all of which led to a really personal and special ceremony. At the reception, we decided to use a journaling Bible as our guestbook and have guests sign by verses or passages that were especially meaningful. I know this wouldn’t work for everyone, but I still love reading through it and finding those notes tucked away. Finally, since my dad and I have no dancing genes whatsoever, we decided to something a little different but special for us. My dad and I both love to play the piano together, so instead of a father daughter dance, we played a father daughter duet that he had arranged of my husband’s favorite song. It was a surprise for my husband and definitely one of his favorite things during the wedding. All in all, I would just encourage brides to make their day as personal as possible by including as many friends and family and just looking for different ways to add their own personal lives into the ceremonies. My husband and I really wanted our wedding to be a celebration not just of our love and future life together, but also a thank you to all the people who had impacted our lives and helped us to reach the point of marriage to each other.

What was the biggest thing you did to save money? 

There wasn’t one thing that I really did to save money. As decisions came my way, I would always ask myself, “Do I really need this? Is it really that important for this wedding to be a success in my mind?” For example, we eliminated wedding favors, substituted pre-invitation rsvps with facebook notices, had a friend print and design the wedding invitations, used postcards for the rsvp cards to save on postage costs, went with a small tiered cake and 2 flat cakes because they were cheaper, had a friend alter the wedding dress, organized cars to take us to the ceremony instead of a limo, used fake flowers as decorations, shopped for decorations during after Christmas sales(we found a ton of stuff marked 90 percent off), had a friend do makeup and hair etc.. Some things were important in the wedding, and we paid for them, but there were a lot of things I realized really didn’t matter and could help lower the cost.

What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Do as much planning before the week of your wedding so you can enjoy the week of your wedding as much as possible. Since I am a control and planning freak, I literally had thought through every single detail of the wedding and typed it all out weeks before the wedding. It may be a little stressful before, but then the week of my wedding was wonderful and happy because I knew that everything had been thought through. Also, pick someone to share all the details with so that if something happens, they will know exactly what to do and who is supposed to be where. This could be a wedding coordinator or trusted friend. I loved my wedding – the whole thing—and I know this was largely because I did a lot of planning ahead so that the actual week wasn’t stressful.

What was your biggest splurge? 

Catering—my parents really wanted it to be a nice meal because over 60% of our guests were coming from out of town. We did passed sliders and finger food with a few stations sprinkled around the room.

What was your favorite detail? 

We absolutely loved the area that we got married—upstate New York is a beautiful place. We also loved spending time with all our family and friends together.

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

Seeing my husband crying as I walked down the aisle— I was so surprised and thought he didn’t want to marry me!! Lol come to find out he was just overwhelmed with the whole thing.

We wrote our own vows to each other and memorized them, but in the middle of my vows, I forgot them! So, without thinking that it was my wedding and all those people were there, I blurted out, “Oh man! I knew I was going to forget!!”


Photographer:  Paige Overturf Photography  //  Cake: Serendipity Catering – Waterville, New York  //  Flowers: Village Floral – New Hartford, New York  //  Venue: Hamilton College, Clinton, New York  //  Caterer: A Moveable Feast by O’Connors – New Hartford, New York

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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