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I’ve been brainstorming about this wedding for over a year now. There are endless online resources for gathering ideas and inspiration. In the early stages, I started saving the odd image to my computer desktop. That started to get a bit disorganized so I started a folder dedicated to wedding-related images. That too, began to get a bit chaotic so I separated the images within the folder into subcategory folders. Now that it’s getting time to pull all the ideas together and make some solid commitments I wish I had been more diligent in making notes on where I found that perfect pair of two inch patent turquoise peeptoe wedges.

Sometime ago a friend said to me, “are you on Pinterest?” I’d heard of it, but was certain it was just another place online for me to say goodbye to even more of my precious hours. More and more people kept mentioning this magical haven on the world wide web. I finally caved and signed up for an account. If I have one regret about our wedding plans to date, it is that I wish I had caved about 12 months ago and had been using this helpful [& 100% free!] service to catalog my ideas since day one. Pinterest not only saves a thumbnail of the sought-after item or idea, but also includes a link back to the original source meaning if you want to make a purchase you can, or if you need DIY instructions, there they are!

I’m a full on Pinning junkie now. I will without a doubt continue to frequent the site long after our wedding to keep track of recipes, fashion ideas, home decor inspiration, etc. You can see my Pinboards here.


Another helpful wedding-related site I’ve recently come across is Weddinggawker. It’s a place where wedding professionals can submit a blog post sharing a great idea, tip or even just some pretty images. Weddinggawker is a great way to quickly browse through what’s happening in the current online wedding world. Users create a personal account in order mark useful posts as favorites for easy revisiting.




Julie Williams

is a bride blogger who got married in 2011. You can read her wedding planning posts here.