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Atlanta Venue
Photo courtesy of the Olmsted Atlanta.

Hi guys! A while back I told you all about the mini meltdown I had while looking for a venue for our May 2014 wedding. My search came to a screeching halt when I found the Olmsted of Atlanta. (Editor's note: the Olmsted has closed its doors and is no longer in business.) It was surely fate.  I stumbled across a link to the City of Atlanta's Request For Proposal site posted on a bridal messaging board. The list contains just about every venue in the area. It was a painstaking process of going through every single venue, one-by-one, alphabetically…but that's what you do when you're on a beer budget.

By the time I reached the Os, I was feeling a little numb. To that point, I didn't have a single venue as a possibility.  However, the Olmsted jumped out as a place I'd never heard of.  Its photos were striking. After examining the website I was sure it wasn't in our beer budget.  Based on the menu prices, I'd determined that any fees associated with the space would take it out of range. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I called and spoke with Ashley Patrick, the venue's sales manager. She said three things that changed everything:

1.We are open every Friday and Saturday in May of 2014.
2.There is no fee to rent the venue; the only requirement is the food & beverage minimum.
3.The venue is all-inclusive of chairs, linens (in white or black), dishes aaaand……………complimentary valet.

Before she could finish telling me about the valet service, I interrupted, “Where do I sign up?” I urged Sherrod to head over there quickly to check it out. He reluctantly obliged, but he loved it and took plenty of pictures so I could see more of it. There was nothing left to be said, we were both sold!

May is a busy month for weddings and I'd resigned myself to the idea that we'd have no choice but to marry on a Friday due to high surcharges for Saturday rentals and lack of availability.  Luckily for us, the Olmsted had become a full-time events venue a short time before I stumbled across it which enabled us to get our choice of date during the busiest season for weddings.

Before becoming an exclusive events venue, the Olmsted primarily operated as a restaurant.  I'd heard restaurants made great choices for wedding receptions, but I had not found one that could accommodate a group our size.

If you've seen some of Atlanta's featured weddings, there's a good chance you've seen the Ventanas and the City View Room–venues I ruled out immediately because they weren't in the budget. Well, the Olmsted is owned by the same company, but it's easier on the wallet, less restrictive, and equally as beautiful.  The Olmsted doesn't offer picturesque views of Atlanta's skyline like some of the company's other properties, but it boasts a premium location in the Midtown area and a boldly designed garden that makes a BIG statement for wedding ceremonies among other highlights.

Atlanta Venue
Photo courtesy of the Olmsted Atlanta.

I never thought I would have a garden wedding ceremony.  In fact, I was adamantly against an outdoor ceremony.  Even after we contracted with the Olmsted, Sherrod and I were set to have a church ceremony, whereby our minister offered us use of facility at no cost.  There was no need to question where our ceremony would be, but it was hard to resist the Olmsted's beautiful garden.  Use of the garden comes at an added fee for the additional time and staff required for events.  However, for sharing my thoughts about this stunning, Atlanta venue, The Olmsted, I've been permitted to use the garden at no additional cost.  Rest assured, my opinions are my own, and are in no way influenced by this offer.

I believe the Olmsted is a dreamy space for the modern and sophisticated bride, and I feel lucky to have found it.  I can't wait to see it for myself and I'll keep you posted on the food and everything else.



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I’m Bianca, a Washingtonian transplant from Chicago’s Southside. During the day, I work for the people; after hours, I moonlight as an artist and avid DIYer. On May 10, 2014, I’ll wed my love of 4 years in Atlanta, GA and add a few letters to my list of achievements…M – R – S.

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  • Kate

    Could you share the giant ATL venue list you found this on? We are still frantically searching for a venue for our October 2014 wedding and I could use all the help I can get! The Olmsted doesn’t look like it’s for us but I’m hoping there’s something out there…

    • Hi Kate, I’m sure your venue is out there. Here is a link to the website I used: There are some venues I came across that aren’t on this list, so don’t despair. Even if you don’t find it on this list, you will find one that works for you.

  • Sarah LaRaine

    I surely love finding great RFPs online for events. I used them in the past when I worked for non-profits. Super cute find!

  • vernice

    I like the look of the Olmstead. I imagine Ill build a collection of profile pics from your wedding. I especially like that the manager is so accommodating. She makes it easy on the bridal party.

  • Tina

    Hi Bianca

    It’s a beautiful place, I am in Atlanta as well. How many hours do you have the place booked for? Would you say catering is over $3000?

    • Hi Tina, thanks! Catering is definitely more than $3k. The space has two levels, and there is a $5k food & beverage minimum for the lower level. The capacity of the lower level is about 120 (plus or minus) for a seated dinner. The upstairs can hold an additional 80 (plus or minus) for a seated dinner, and can be added on for an additional $2500 to the food & beverage minimum. In my search for Atlanta caterers, I didn’t find one caterer that could accommodate 150 people under $6k, and that does not include linens and other essential items for dinners.

      With the use of the garden space, I have the venue from around 2:30pm to midnight (this includes set-up and breakdown). If I didn’t use the garden, the time would be from 4:30 to midnight (w/ set-up and breakdown included).

      I’ll be doing a more thorough post on how this factors into my overall budget and what I’ve done to save on costs really soon. If you have more specific questions, leave your email address and I’ll reach out to you and try to help you with what I can. Good luck!

  • Tiffani

    Hi Bianca,

    I stumbled upon this website today and I love it. It seems like we have very similar lives and stress factors going on! I too live in Atlanta and I’ve been searching for a venue and feel like I’ve looked everywhere in this city. Being a budget-conscious bride, its been hard to find a place that works with my budget, until I visited Olmstead, and had the same reaction as you did. I think this will be my place for my wedding next year as well (I’m getting maried in April though and I’m a little worried about the rain for my garden ceremony). I would love to hear more about how Olmstead is fitting into your overall budget. Please do a post!

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