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vera wang bridal
Budget savvy brides rejoice, Vera Wang bridal is coming! While many high-fashion lovers might cringe to hear the news, Vera Wang has announced she is partnering with David's Bridal on a line of dresses set to come out in Spring 2011. The line, consisting of 20 dresses to start, will range in price from $600-$1500! This partnership will put the gowns designed by the fashion maven within reach of budget brides with champagne taste! Many have said that this is ‘selling out' for Vera, but I'd imagine with the economy going the way it has that this is a smart move for her company- she's already created a budget-friendly line for Kohl's- so why not bring fabulous bridal fashion to the masses? These days everyone wants more for less! Personally, I can't wait to see the fabulousness she comes up with and hope to see some BS-WOW brides rocking some David's Bridal Vera come next summer! 🙂 What do you think of this new partnership? I'm curious to know!

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  • erica

    I think it's awesome and can't wait to see the collection! Not everyone can afford (or wants to pay for) a 'designer' gown, but that doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style.

  • I agree, ladies! I definitely don't see a problem with making something great available to more people. The truth is, only a select few can afford that high-end bridal fashion, and those that can't sometimes stretch too much of their budget and are foolish with their money all in the name of a 'designer' gown! I think it's great that this will allow more brides to feel like they are wearing their dream dress!

  • Anna

    I think it's amazing! Selling out? just cause she's normalizing outrageous prices? Anyone who says that I betcha it's cause they bought one of her dresses at $5,000 a month ago. I just wish they'd do a couple $400 ones so I wouldn't have to stretch my budget!

  • Ali

    Budget conscious or not, Vera Wang is one smart cookie. She used to be exclusively high end and then she made a very successful line for Kohls. Karl Lagerfeld is doing it for H&M and Zac Posen for Target. Fashion for all is an increasing trend that while not embraced by all, is something we are going to keep seeing in all different kinds of markets. Critics are saying she diluted her brand, when actually she took a look at the consumer and saw an open market in the every day bride. Snaps to Vera for expanding and being an innovator in the world of fashion (oh and for now being budget savvy too!).


  • It's not selling out, it's diluting her brand, particularly the core of her brand which is bridal. My fear, from a business standpoint, is that if this move hurts her higher-end brand, it will hurt her business enough to where she won't be providing beautiful dresses for anyone. Many have gone this route, and their businesses have suffered as a result. The bridal fashion industry as a whole is in pretty dire financial straits right now, and diluting a brand's core is not the answer to those issues for a company. It will work in the short-term for an influx of cash, but I'm nervous to see where the VW brand is in 5+ years business-wise because of this decision.

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