Vibrant, eco-friendly flowers for your wedding from The Bouqs

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When it comes to divvying up the wedding budget, each bride has different priorities. That’s why we have such a wide variety of styles featured here on The Budget Savvy Bride! One paint point for many budget brides is their florals. Well-done fresh blooms make a huge impact on the overall look of a wedding, but often they come with a hefty price tag especially if you’re using a pro florist to create all your arrangements.

While we’re all for hiring professionals if it fits into your wedding budget, here at BSB we also love to show our readers resources and tips for doing things themselves, if needed. That’s why I’m so thrilled that one of my favorite online flower companies, The Bouqs Company, is offering wedding packages in their arsenal of farm-direct floral options!


In case you don’t remember, I’ve previously mentioned The Bouqs Company here on BSB… you can read my personal review and experience here. But just for a refresher, here’s a few reasons why we love The Bouqs Company:

Gorgeous farm-direct florals

Their flowers ship straight from the farms where they’re grown to your doorstep. The colors are vibrant, the flowers arrive healthy, and in my experience they last a bit longer than the other flower delivery services I’ve tried.

Eco-friendly growing practices

Flowers from The Bouqs Company are grown on an eco-friendly farm on the side of an active volcano in South America. They only cut blooms when you order, so they don’t have the 1-in-3 stems wasted practices of some of the other major online suppliers. They’re also conscious about their energy use and are committed to working only with sustainable farms who respect the environment and their workers.

A wide variety of offerings

From flower subscriptions to wedding packages, The Bouqs Company has many different offers to suit your floral needs. They’ve also got a wide assortment of flower types and colors to suit your wedding needs!

Simple pricing structures

Most of their gift-type florals come in several sizes for flat pricing, making it super simple to choose what you want. No confusing upgrades to sift through, just bundles of gorgeous florals to be shipped to the recipient of your choice.

Quick, reliable shipping with FedEx

The flowers are delivered with care via FedEx, making them super reliable!

The Bouqs flowers for weddings

Since The Bouqs Company now offers wedding floral packages, this gives brides all over the country the ability to save up to 80% on fresh, environmentally friendly farm-direct flowers. You can choose from their variety of wedding packages for small, medium or large affairs, or you can contact one of their wedding consultants to build a custom floral package for your big day. How about that for personalized service?

The Bouqs Company has super-tight relationships with the farmers who grow their blooms, so they’ll ensure your wedding flowers are cut on the day they are shipped, which means they’ll be super fresh, bright, and totally on-point for their wedding day performance.


If you’re a DIY bride who feels comfortable arranging your own blooms for your big day, consider ordering some eco-friendly flowers from The Bouqs Company!

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