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So, here's some save-the-date ideas I've come up with. Please vote for your favorite save-the-date or at least which you like best! Or if you have suggestions- leave them in the comments section! Thanks!! 🙂

vote for your favorite save-the-date, bsb wedding

vote for your favorite save-the-date, bsb wedding

vote for your favorite save-the-date, bsb wedding

vote for your favorite save-the-date, bsb wedding

vote for your favorite save-the-date, bsb wedding

vote for your favorite save-the-date, bsb wedding

vote for your favorite save-the-date, bsb wedding

vote for your favorite save-the-date, bsb wedding

*Vote for your favorite save-the-date ended.*


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  • All gorgeous. Personally I’d be using or for the photo. With the text like in number 9. Those shots are probably the most arty of the bunch which is probably what draws me to them!

    Other than that, 2 and 3 are my favourites of the ones above. That photo is my third favourite 😀 I just can’t decide whether I like the funky text better than the stylish text!

  • Kaitlyn

    I see a lot of people are picking 8 and oh man, stylistically, I love it so much! But I ended up picking 5 because it’s a great picture of you two and I definitely like the flourish better than straight text. I also think it’s important to have all the info on the front – easier to get the message across. I also wondered why you didn’t use the one where you photoshopped the numbers into the picture because I thought that was so clever. Finally, the one other thing I would like to know is if your wedding is going to have more of an urban or rural feel because I think you should go with the picture that best reflects the wedding! So many good choices, it was really hard to decide!

  • I definitely think 8 is the best, but I didn’t vote for it… my thing is, if you are going to use your photos, it might be better to use one of your faces… I’d be afraid people wouldn’t appreciate how awesome #8 is because they don’t realize it’s actually a picture of you two.

  • Aww I was hoping you’d use the one with the photoshopped wall! They all look really nice but the first one stands out to me most. Keep up the good work!


  • Ok, so I think you need to have a second vote once you narrow down the top three bc I had too many favorites! I love the first pic, but I also like when you can see the couple’s face, so I think I ended up voting for 2 just bc it was original. But I really liked the first pic with the text of #8. That white save the date at the bottom is totally sexy and fabulous! I honestly love them all. Did you do these all yourself? Can I hire you?

  • I love 1, 4 and 8. I really love 8 but I bet people will love to get one that shows your faces. I love them all!

  • They all look amazing. I had a hard time choosing between the first three.

  • I think 2 is a really interesting idea, but I find it difficult to read. I voted for 3 because I love the picture, but 8 is quite awesome as well. Would 8 have a back with the rest of the information?

  • Jessica

    I agree with Hayley, use the second photo that Hayley suggested with the text from number 9! That’d be perfect!!

  • bo

    i voted for 8, but i like 1, 7 and 8.

  • jenny

    i really like number 3. it’s so sunny and bright and easy to read. the graphic designer in me loves number 2, but i can just picture my grandparents squinting at it trying to figure out what it says.

  • Becca

    I love numbers two and three: the composition and the glowy joy in your faces is just perfect! It almost doesn’t seem posed, but like your photog captured an intimate shared moment of happiness.

    I voted for 3: it’s more universal with the font. However, if you’re having a more laid-back event, I think 2 would be a great lighthearted fun option.

  • I think they are ALL very cute choices!! The artsy ones are fun, the formal ones are great too. I think it depends on what you two are as a couple and what the theme of your wedding will be. Like are you guys going to have a more casual wedding or super formal? Are you guys a fun couple? Artsy? More professional? All the cards are different and gorgeous! You should pick the one that best represnts you two as a couple and that will fit your wedding. Did you make these all yourself?

  • I picked number 2. But they are all beautiful. Number 8 is very stylish but I would think people would want to see one of those amazing engagement photos! Love those sassy red heels 🙂

  • awesome job girl! you have such great options! I’m all for #1 or #3. i love love the text of #3.

  • I LOVE the wordle one! It’s different and fun!

  • I really like the first and the last ones. I especially like the one with the shoes…maybe because I love shoes in general. Anyone would be great for your save the dates because in each photos the is very clear that you love each other.
    Check out my blog..I am running a contest.

  • i love #1 and #9… but they are all great. i also like hayley’s idea.. that really is an awesome picture!

  • triskit

    The one with the word cloud is my favorite! How did you make it?

  • 1 or 2…I voted for 2 but 1 is gorgeous too!

  • Jamie L.

    i like 3 and 8 🙂

  • Kimberly

    Congratulations on your wedding! I stumbled across our blog when looking at DIY projects. I have been reading past posts and came across this one. I just wanted to say I love love love the save the dates you choose. I think that is one of the best pics. It looks like you did a lot of great projects yourself and had an amazing wedding.

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