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The dress below has already
made its way to a new bride.
If you are looking for ways to
find a free wedding dress,
please read THIS POST!



You might remember Megan, a long-time BSB reader whose $4K Orlando wedding was a featured BSWOW in June! She wrote me saying she was interested in giving her wedding dress away on BSB! It's beautiful, simple, and she had a fantastic time wearing it, but she told me it's taking up too much space in her closet and she would LOVE to pass it on to another budget-minded future bride. Here's a look at this free wedding dress that is up for grabs:

The dress is an ivory, off the shoulder a-line satin dress with draping across the tummy and a lace-up back, Davids Bridal style T9861. It is a size 14, though she did have it taken in at the waist and the bust slightly. She also had the train taken off since my ceremony and reception were both outside. Megan is 5'5,” wear a 38C bra, and size 10-12 jeans. Hopefully there is someone out there that will give this dress a new budget savvy home! Feel free to contact Megan via email at Mltetlow {at} to see about the dress- all you'll have to pay is shipping!


Do you have a wedding item you'd like to gift to another bride? Feel free to contact us via email to get the word out! 🙂


Again, the dress in this post is no longer available. If you are looking for ways to find a free wedding dress, please read this post!

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  • Erin

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  • Natalie

    this is such a nice offer! Wish I was getting married again.. I mean still to my husband 🙂

  • Stella

    I wish I could get lucky enough to have a wedding dress gifted to me. I am on a very low budget and they just upped the price on the wedding dress that I fell in love with..It's less than 300 dollars, but I can't even afford that. so sad:'( I've been tempted to try one from China..

  • opaque312

    I am a seamstress who will make a custom gown. Labor will be free.You pay for materials. Trying to build a portfolio.

  • Kristy

    Hello opaque312, is there any way to get in touch with you about the wedding gown offer? I desperately need to find a dress for a tight budget for my summer wedding. please email me at Kwborg (at) gmail


  • Mikki Berry

    Hey there.. My name is Mikki. I am on here for my soon to be sister in law.. Her and my brother are gettin married in July.. But the problem is we have had so much happen in our family that they don’t have the money for a dress. Feb 6, 2010 our mother passed away, my brother found her. A yr later found out my aunt had Leukemia. Then in Oct we found out my grandma had brain cancer. She died the week of Valentine’s Day.. So as you can see its been crazy here and we really need some help.

    Thank You And God Bless

    • Leanne

      I have a size 9 wedding dress I wore in 1990. Yes it was a long time ago but the dress has been packaged since. I have a solid crown adorned with sequins for the headpeice and I think I still have the shoes, size 10 too. My grandma bought me this dress at the time and is now dying of congestive heart failure. I want to pay it forward to someone who could use it and can’t afford a dress. —Leanne

      • Mikki Berry

        Leanne can you send me pictures of the dress please.. I am very interested..

        Thank You and God Bless

  • Jennifer

    I found my wedding dress on I paid $25 total. It’s not only an amazing site to find treasures bit it’s also helping the environment by recycling. 😉 no one could tell it was a used dress 😉

    • that is AH-MAY-ZING!!! Please do share pictures or consider submitting your wedding for our weekly wedding feature! 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    wonder how I could get my own dress…I’m getting married this July and I don’t know where to start. I’ve been raised by nothing but guys…EEeek!Help!

  • jan

    hi , I think this is a great thing you do . I was wondering if you could help me in finding a wedding dress size 14 uk size thank you

  • Christyclay

    I am 27 years old and wished i could have the wedding of my dreams that i’ve always wanted but i’m on very tight budget and don’t even have money to buy a dress .

    • michelle lee

      what size are you? Mine is a size 6,

  • Maggi

    I got my wedding gown from craigslist it was only $50
    sometimes you can get a good deal from brides who don’t plan on keeping their dresses.

  • SGreen

    I absolutely love this site. As a recent bride who received a free dress I am excited to announce an new organization in the Maryland/DC area that is opening soon. Fairytale Brides on a Shoestring will provide sample and donated dresses at 90% off the retail price.

    It is a win-win situation to be able to purchase a dress at a low price and have the proceeds of the dress be donated to organizations that empower women.

    The boutique will begin accepting donations and be open for brides to purchase dresses on August 17, 2013.

    Check out

    • Jenna

      This sound like a good idea, but really are the gowns used and have they been altered in size for the bride that wore it? I heard of someone wearing a used dress adn it fell apart on the wedding day. How awful was that.

      I would rather buy a sample gown off the rack or a new gown from Davids for a low price, which can be had. This may be a better option for brides on budget.

      • SGreen

        Jenna, you make a very good point. After viewing the dresses,I totally agree. It is actually cheaper to find a sample dresss on sale or purchase a David’s Bridal dress. I have even heard good reviewes from people who purchased their dress online from an international site!

  • Beth

    I am praying that someone out there has the heart to help me. I am desperately looking for a size 20 wedding gown.Long,white,modest.Not strapless.I am hoping to get married in september. My fiancee is very ill,he has terminal lung cancer. Inoperable. He wants to marry me more than anything,and I want to marry him. I would love to look beautiful for him. Money is very tight due to his treatments and meds. I have been looking online everyday. I believe in miracles. I believe someone will read this and will help another one of Gods children.Please someone hear my prayer.In Jesus name i pray. Beth in Reno.

  • Khanyisa

    i’m getting married on the 15th of December to a wonderful man who unfortunately is not that financially stable. My mom tried helping us getting a local designer who destroyed all my hopes of being in a beautiful dress. Totally ruined the expensive material and on the last day gave me a dress sooo far from my body and totally shapeless. I’m in tears day and night and praying for a miracle now.
    help me please

  • Branda Fisher

    Me and my fiance are planning to get married Aug. 5th. We have three children Mark works for Burger King and I Branda work as a telemarketer. It takes all of our money judt pating the bills but would love to get married we are on a tight budget. Your donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • arlene

    hi I am look for my sister she is get marrie march of this year and she need a dress because she have no money right now please email back that wounld be nice if she have a dress for that big day thank you

    • sharon

      Has your sister already gotten married?



  • Chanda Plair

    Just engaged on 2/18/14! Planning Spring/Summer wedding this year. I’m a size 6. Looking for something sexy but vintage. 🙂

  • Rachel

    6 yearss and two kids later we still have not gotten married. As you can expect raising a 4&5 year old we are on a restricted budget. Would love to have a wedding but don’t have a dress. We have talked about ggoing to the court house but really what giirl wants to give up her dream wedding? Im not so good at these sweepstakes things but you never know till you try. Anyway here’s to you and this wonderful site. =)you even if I don’t get one I think this is a wonderful thing you do.

    • Sharon miller

      When and when are you greeting married.and what size dress do you wear

  • Fannie

    I am seeking a lil help my wedding is scheduled for July 19,2014. But everything is falling apart my dress don’t have one,the venue was destroyed where my reception, the only thing I have on lock is my church. I’m blessed with my children and soon to be step children.I just need a lil help with getting a dress. So if someone can help out I would greatly appreciate it.. Thanks in advance!!

  • Amber

    Hi I am wanting to get married Dec 6 2014 my fiance and I have struggled through homelessness for a few years now he was blessed with a job that will allow us to move into a house in a couple of weeks we have 3 year old twins and love each other very much if anyone has any resources in wa state it would be appreciated thank you

  • Emma

    Looking for someone who can make a gown with a picture reference. Thank You

  • Ariya

    Hi, I am having a hard time asking for help but my fiance and I are on an incredibly tight budget. We can’t afford my dress or even the marriage license. He is a jailer and is paying for me to go to school to finish my degree along with everything else. Our wedding is planned for May and I am looking for a size 14 wedding dress. Anything helps, thank you.

    Please know that whatever help we get, we will pay it forward to another couple in the future.

  • amber

    I am getting married July 11th 2014 and still don’t have a wedding dress. I have waited 14 years to marry who is going to be my husband. I am currently a full time medical student and have no money for a dress. Can anyone out there help me? email me anytime.

  • Donna

    I am getting married August 9th, 2014. I don’t want a wedding dress, I want a Palazzo Jumpsuit in cream or ivory. It’s my 2nd wedding and I’m raising my small granddaughter, so the majority of my funds go for her. I need a size medium, but I’m having a very hard time finding one that doesn’t cost a lot of money. I like the criss-cross style in front. Can anyone help or does anyone have ideas? I’m starting to panic. I can’t even find a place that makes decent priced wedding cakes. EEKKKK!!!

  • Nazish kashif

    Hello,im from pakistan belongs to middle class married my husband is a medical lab techanican ,he is the only earning source in our house .my father-in law died .so we are the one who take care of our rest of the family . we planned wedding for my sister in law this november ,we are looking for wedding dresses which we can afford but we cannot afford any so i tried looking for free dresses found this one, it is a beautiful dress .i dont know you will reply back or not but realy need that wedding dress. .

  • lisa

    Hi i know this is a long stretch but in due to be married in April 2015 but i still haven’t got a dress. I am a full time carer for my disabled son and i have a toddler as well so money is extremely tight i would be so greatful for any help i am a size 6-8. And please know that anything passed to me will be passed to another bride in need afterwards thank you so much in advance xx

    • Tina Andrich

      Please see my email posted 9-11-14


  • Tina Andrich

    I am trying to find a good home for my Mom’s wedding dress.
    It was in the 1950’s. My nieces can’t fit in it, and there is no one else in family to pass it on to.

    The bust is 33″ and the waist is 24″. The dress does not have any give to it, so you must be that size or smaller.

    It has lace sleeves (long) and a button down back. Satin with lace overlay.

    Will send picture if anyone is interested.

    • Shannon Houston

      I’m in desperate need of a wedding dress and I am to the point to where I will accept anything. We had saved for our wedding (october 25,2014) but that money had to be spent on our 5 year old autistic son’s medication. I would love to have a dress. Please help. Thanks to all.

  • Aloma Ann

    Hi I’m looking for a gown for my wedding on Dec 27 this year . since I don’t have money to afford one now . my height is 4″10. My mom has pledged all her gold to make my wedding a beautiful one now I don’t even have money to get my dress. I’m from India. Want a gown for size 20.please help and Thanks all

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  • Jessy Dawn

    I’m in need of a wedding dress. I was going to wait until our house was paid off to pay for a wedding but life happened. A few months ago I was driving and some random people on the side of the road threw bricks at my car. One went through my windshield and hit me in the head. I was flown to a hospital and had neurosurgery. As a result I want to live life now rather than always waiting to do what I always wanted. I hope to have a very inexpensive but nice wedding ceremony this Winter. If at all possible I’d like to borrow a dress. I just need to wear a nice dress during the ceremony and will change clothes before the reception. I was a size 5/6(regular size) when I was Injured but since I can no longer be as active I am now a size 7/8(regular size). I’m sure my weight will vary for awhile so a dress with a lace up back would be nice but not absolutely necessary. I would love to marry my best friend/soul mate because life is short. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. God bless.

  • Cynna Annalise Molden

    My name is Cynna I am a mother of two and after four years of heart break I met the man of my dreams. A month ago he asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! But I am very low income and their father isn’t in the picture to help me with any costs twards my kids alone. If you have any leads on people willing to donate faux flowers or a wedding dress size 20-22 that would be amazing!

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