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Let's be real. Wedding Invitations can be expensive.

You have to get the right design, color, and feel of the invitations… and then you have to get the matching enclosure cards and RSVP's. Don't forget the fancy envelopes. I estimated the total cost for my invitations if I used all of the matching pieces, and it was way over my $100 budget. But I still wanted something pretty!

So my solution? The wedding website!

If you can use Facebook, then you can create your own website. Its super easy and there's lots of resources:…just to give a few. Google search is a beautiful thing.

Now some sites do charge you. The one I used for our website fortunately will not, since I'll be using it for less than a year and I waited until they had a promotion. But to me it was either spend $150 dollars on paper invites or $25-$30 on a website. I'm a fan of a beautiful paper invitation, but I'm also on a budget. So a website was a nice alternative. Plus, I don't have to pay for postage to have my guests send RSVP's back since they'll do it online!

I did have a paper invitation though. I was a Graphic Design minor in college so that kind of helped. I designed my invitations and then printed them on Total cost of 70 invitations including envelopes? $46. Yay! Keep an eye out for deals via email! (They actually have a great deal right now where you can get 25% off your first order, plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25.) I know not everyone can design their own invitations, but even just buying invites without enclosure cards saves money. On the invites I instructed my guests to visit our website for information on our RSVP's, gift registry, directions, and all that good stuff. It also gives the option to post a photo album of Dan and I! There's even a blog section so they can follow me as I plan out the wedding.


Save Money on InvitationsHere's our homepage. I used and it's really easy to add pictures and edit. I'm not saying the website is for everyone since it's not as traditional, but it definitely saved me a ton. So if you're looking to save money on your invitations, why not try a wedding website?


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I'm Brittney, a 23 year old Marketing Administrator, and I'm marrying my Dan, my hero, at our California Christmas wedding this winter!! Dan and I fell in love over a cup of coffee. So we decided that we should drink coffee together all the time. Best love story ever.

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  • I am excited to see someone use a wedding website for all its worth. Sometimes, I think websites are just used as something fun to share information. I think its great that you’re using it for so many purpose!

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