10 Honest Reactions to Dad Paying For His Son’s Wedding After Denying Other Son

The Budget Savvy Bride

Jim shared a story that stunned many people. Jim explained he is paying a share of second son's wedding and the first son is furious!

Should parents treat all their children equally in terms of paying for things? Find out what one father decided about paying for his kids weddings.

That Hurt

One user confessed that the last line about “paying for the next one” hurt them and “they aren’t even his son!” Others agreed enough to make it the top comment before one “respected” his pettiness.’

The fact that he implied his son’s marriage would fall apart caused many to agree with one who accused him of “blatant favoritism.” Also, telling his son that he might get a divorce was insensitive and mean.

Blatant Favoritism

One argued that it wasn’t about playing favorites, suggesting you do not need to spend equal amounts on your children. Parents can disapprove of the wife and not offer help.

Not Playing Favorites

It’s your money, so it’s up to you! However, this user elaborated that his comments were “nasty and mean-spirited.” 

I’m Not Surprised

One user suggested, “You sound like King Lear, handing out cash to the kids that kiss your bum the most.” They further noted it isn’t about his wife. Instead, it’s about his son.

It’s About Your Sons!

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