10 Honest Reactions to This Man Not Driving His Disabled Wife to Son’s Wedding!

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 Recently, Mike shared a story that his son invited his wife but not him. He then refused to drive his disabled wife to the wedding, which was three hours away.

Weddings can bring up tricky family issues and bring disagreements to a head. Learn how one man reacted to being excluded from his son’s wedding.

1. Your Wife is Right

“She’s right. You were punishing her because of your son’s decision. If she hadn’t been able to find an alternative ride, she would’ve been trapped at home and unable to go.

“Why would you make your wife suffer to punish your son? It makes me wonder why your son has no problem washing his hands of you?”

2. Why Would You Make Your Wife Suffer?

While most commenters agreed that Mike is the bad guy, one argued, “Or is it he doesn’t want to suffer through a 6-hour drive and needing to hang out by himself at random places?”

3. I Agree With Mike

Your son is, I’m sure, aware of your wife’s disabilities; he should have made arrangements for her to get there and back.

4. Your Son Should Have Provided Transportation

Your son is being utterly unreasonable if he expects you to drive six hours (three each way) for an event you’re not invited to.

5. Your Son Is the Bad Guy

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