10 Honest Thoughts on Mom Canceling Vegetarian Caterer for Son’s Wedding

The Budget Savvy Bride

What would you do if your mother went behind your back and changed your wedding menu? That happened Andy, and his bride Nina.

When one couple planned their dream wedding, including a vegetarian caterer. Find out what happened when the groom’s mother abruptly canceled the arrangement without informing them first.

Mom Makes Other Arrangements

Andy explained he recently discovered she canceled the catering service for one that serves meat. “It blows my mind how she was able to do this.

The idea that vegetarian food is bland outraged a woman who reminded people that pizza, pasta, and most desserts are vegetarian.

Vegetarian Food Is Not Bland

Another suggested reality is Andy’s mother sabotaged the wedding. So it is reasonable to uninvite her to prevent further damage.

She Sabatoged the Wedding

The idea that every meal needs meat is Western, and it’s an inadequate diet. You can eat meals without meat.

You Don’t Need Meat

Not surprisingly, many agreed that Andy’s mother was out of line. It’s ludicrous that some people are unwilling to try something new and eat their vegetables for one meal.

Your Mother Was Out of Line

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