10 Reasons Real Brides and Grooms Decided to Have a Child-Free Wedding

The Budget Savvy Bride

Will you invite kids to your wedding? Why or why not? See what other brides and grooms are saying about their reasons for inviting or not inviting little ones to the big day.

The child-free wedding topic has somehow become controversial. Many people think expecting you to come to a wedding without your kids is unreasonable, while others understand entirely.

Reasons Why the Bride and Groom May Decide to Host Child-free.


Many Parents Excuse Bad Behavior

Parents endlessly make excuses for their kids and allow them to act up and give you an attitude if you say anything about it

Children can be disruptive, and we didn’t want that on the biggest day of our lives. We wanted people to hear our vows, not a baby crying.

Children Can Be Disruptive

Inviting the children would have doubled the guest list. We couldn’t afford to pay for everyone and their kids. 

Weddings Are Expensive

“The kid’s at my wedding kept messing with the DJ gear our wedding décor. They swiped frosting off our cake before we cut it and cried during the reception." one admitted

No Children Means No Chaos

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