10 Sincere Thoughts on Not Inviting the Groom’s Human Dementor Friend to the Wedding

The Budget Savvy Bride

Kim requested her soon-to-be-husband Max not to invite Sabastian, the most Debbie Downer person for wedding. Max said no.

No one wants a Debbie Downer at their wedding. Find out what advice was given to a bride-to-be who wanted to exclude her groom’s friend for being a “Human Dementor.”


The fact that Kim stated she wasn’t a bridezilla and then reiterated the statement caused one user to call her out by saying, “That’s exactly what a bridezilla would say.”

One questioned how making the statement about turning 30 was dry humor and Kim would never make it in Britain with her lack of sense of humor.

Dry Humor

“You feel judged?” This user questioned how Kim would make a statement when she was judging her future husband’s friend, who has a history and cares deeply.

You Are the Judgmental One

“It’s called compromise.” For example, one user explained that Sebastian gets the invite because he’s important to Max and has a long-standing relationship with him.

It’s Called Compromise

Many in the thread acknowledged that all Kim did was ask about it, and she accepted the answer. She’s not fighting about it. It didn’t cause a rift in their relationship.

All You Did Was Ask

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