Ways to Reduce

Your Monthly Expenses to Save for Your Wedding

Every bride wants to look and feel your best on your big day. Don’t miss these pro tips from bridal makeup artist, Angela Morris.

Whether you’re 6 months or 6 weeks from your wedding day, skincare is your best long-game prep for looking your best. Get a recommendation for a great aesthetician who can help establish your skin type. A professional will work with you to achieve your goals to get your best skin.

1. Start Getting Facials Now.

Water is one of the two best things you can do for your skin (the other is sleep; we will get to that next). A good general rule is to take your weight in pounds and divide it in half. That’s the number of ounces you can challenge yourself to drink each day.

2. Drink Lots of Water.

As I mentioned before, water and sleep are better than any topical skincare money can buy. In addition to aiming for 8 hours of sleep each night, make sure that your sleep is of good quality. Whenever possible, refrain from alcohol, marijuana or sleep aids before bedtime.

3. Get Plenty of Quality Sleep.

When we think of weddings, we imagine a fun-filled day of love, family, friends, beauty, and happy tears. But weddings are a lot of work and can be a lot of stress on the bride(s).

Many brides feel pressure from various sources (their family and friends being the big ones) to make everyone around them happy. Remember that it is your wedding day. Other people will have their opinions but you have the ultimate say.

4. Manage Social Stress.

Brides often get conflicting information about what they “should” or “shouldn’t” eat leading up to their wedding day. Most of it is pure bullshit. Listening to what your body wants and what will make you feel good is your best guide.

5. Eat Foods That Make You Feel Good.

It’s crucial to remember the two most important people are YOU and the person you are about to marry.