The Ultimate List of 2022 Wedding Statistics

We’ve scoured the web and put together the ultimate list of wedding statistics for 2022. Learn more about the state of the wedding industry this year.

According to Businesswire, the bulk of weddings this year are expected between summer and fall. The publication also found that:

When are most 2022 weddings taking place?

The most popular seasons to get married were summer and fall, with 77% of weddings taking place during this timeframe. (Businesswire)

In 2021, October took the top spot as the most popular month to get married (22%) with four of the top five wedding dates falling in this month. (Businesswire)

Data shows that destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular post-COVID. Here are some trends we’re seeing in terms of wedding locations for 2022:

Where are couples getting married in 2022?

Nearly 20% of weddings in 2021 were destination weddings meaning – outside of a couple’s hometown or where they currently reside (up 10% from 2020). (Pearl Source)

About half of those destination weddings were hosted in international locations. (Pearl Source)

This is almost up to pre-pandemic numbers for destination weddings (21% in 2019). (Pearl Source)

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