3 Easy Ways to Plan Your Wedding Using Allseated

Looking for a tool to help organize your wedding day plans? Check out the features of Allseated — handle your guest list, seating chart, room layout and more.

With Allseated, you can begin by entering the names of the guests you’re inviting to your wedding. From there, you can note their category (family member, friend, colleague, etc.), their mailing address, and whether or not their invitation was sent.

How to Manage Your Guest List with Allseated

The seating tab within your event provides you with access to your floorplans and guest list. Seat guests within the floorplan layout by selecting guests from the guest list and placing them at the desired tables. It’s simple and efficient to select a guest, then click on a specific table in the floorplan, to easily seat the guest.

How to Create a Seating Chart with Allseated

The software is preloaded with items, like tables, chairs, and tabletop items, you can drag and drop into place, and the most important piece is they’re all premeasured. Custom stages and dance floors can be created to match your exact dimensions.

How to Map Out a Room Layout with Allseated

After you create an initial plan, you can even switch your view to 2D or 3D, so you can “walk through” the space. This is a cool feature because you can see how it will feel on your wedding day. Plus, you can even get a bird’s eye view of your layout to see how it looks from above.

Allseated is an online wedding planning and wedding management tool that allows you to keep some of your most important celebration details in one spot. And, it’s easy to use!

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