5 Affordable Custom Framing Options for Your Wedding Photos

The Budget Savvy Bride

While you’re planning your wedding, one of the details that you will likely spend some of the most time carefully researching is the photographer you will choose to hire to capture your wedding photos. 

Your wedding photos are not meant to live on a memory card, in a folder, or within Instagram or another social media app. Sure, all three are great, but they don’t really allow you to see them regularly.

The process of finding a budget-friendly source to print and frame your photos isn’t nearly as difficult as your search for the perfect photographer! We’re here to simplify your research process by sharing our top online shops that expertly print and custom-frame wedding photos. 

5 Affordable Custom Framing Options for Your Wedding Photos

Artifact Uprising is known for their photo books. In addition to those, Artifact Uprising also offers professional framing. A Gallery Frame, Framed Canvas Print, and Tabletop Frame are all at your disposal.

Artifact Uprising

Just as their name would suggest, CanvasChamp’s most popular product is printed canvas. On their website, you can choose from a variety of frame styles. Plus, you can choose the thickness of the wooden frame that your canvas is stretched over.


When it comes to choosing an online frame company, Framebridge is definitely one of our favorites. If you’re considering having something framed, a photo is the most obvious choice. But the beauty of Framebridge is they can literally frame anything!


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