5 Essential Estate Planning Tips for Newlyweds

Estate Planning

Estate planning might not sound like the most romantic way to connect with your spouse, but doing the work to protect each other in the event of unfortunate events is a true act of love.

The weeks and months following your wedding are full of new challenges. After you return home after your honeymoon, there are thank you notes to write, wedding photos to review, and vendor reviews to post.

There’s one more important task to add to your to-do list: estate planning.

You might assume that estate planning is only necessary for those with assets like homes, businesses, and property.

Do All Couples Need an Estate Plan?

The reality is that every couple can benefit from an estate plan. While it’s never fun to think about the worst-case scenario, a little preparation can go a long way.

Without an estate plan in place, your assets – including any life insurance or retirement funds – may not automatically go to your spouse when you pass.

Your spouse may end up sharing your estate with other family members. If you feel passionately about where your hard-earned money and assets end up, it’s important to meet with an estate planning attorney sooner rather than later.

If you’re eager to get this post-wedding chore crossed off the list, begin with a discussion with your partner. It can be challenging to talk about planning for the very worst parts of life.

1. Start with a Conversation

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