6 Things to Do with Money After Engagement But Before Tying the Knot

Why you need to treat money during your engagement differently than when you’re married

Here are some of the key money tasks you need to tackle during your engagement.

tying the Knot.

6 Things to Do with Money After Engagement But Before

Sit down with your partner and really look into your individual finances to set a joint budget. This will allow you to go into the wedding planning stage with confidence and knowledge, which is good to have because weddings are expensive.

Set a Budget

The time between your engagement and your wedding is a great opportunity to save money. Saving as a couple shouldn’t wait until after the big day. Make a plan to save together and find ways to reduce your personal expenses in order to save more for your wedding.

Start Saving

Believe it or not, getting on the same page about money is key to success in marriage.

It’s a personal matter that can be uncomfortable to discuss. But that’s even more reason you should do it because you’re becoming life partners. You should both be aware of each others’ true financial situation so you can decide how to handle repayment of debts together.

Review Each Other’s Credit Report

You can and you should. If you want to set up one joint account that you each contribute to for the wedding, that’s a great step. Just hold off on fully combining bank accounts until after the big day, when things are made official.

Don’t Combine Your Bank Accounts Just Yet

Getting married is an exciting and wonderful thing, but it’s important to tackle these important money tasks before they become issues!