6 Tips to Be a

 Happier + Healthier Bride

Wedding planning can be a stressful time, but building good habits can help you to be a happier and healthier bride-to-be! Check out these wellness tips from Haley Sorey!

Deciding what you want in a wedding ceremony and reception will help cut down on anxiety and stress, and it will make your job of planning a perfect event much easier. Not only will you be happier, but your skin will also thank you.

1. Plan the wedding you and your fiancé want.

While it is totally okay to have a theme in mind, you should stick to something that really represents you. If you aren’t a vintage gal any other time of year, don’t try to be one on your wedding day. Focus on your best features and what you would love for you– not what looks great on someone else.

2. Figure out how you want to look early.

One of the most common messages I get from brides is when a procedure or product causes a negative effect.  If you want to have a spa day before the big day, focus on gentle treatments and have them done by a professional. 

3. Stick to products and procedures you know.

Stress and the anxiety behind making everything “perfect” can lead brides to overthink the basics, so I’ve put together a few tips to help you get focused!

Whether you have 3 weeks or 3 months until your wedding, you can look and feel healthier with small changes in your diet and workout. The main thing is to decide what your goal is. I don’t really suggest going extreme for your wedding.

4. Decide your health goals and commit to a realistic routine.

Sleep is the bride’s ultimate beauty trick. Getting 7 to 8 hours a night will help you feel and look rested for your workouts and everything you have planned.

5. Get enough sleep.

Take time for you and remember your wedding will be perfect because you are marrying the love of your life.