6 Ways Marriage Can Affect Your Financial Wellness

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Getting married? Learn the different ways your financial wellness can be impacted both positively or negatively by combining accounts with your spouse!

Marriage won’t automatically make you rake in the cash, but it can affect your financial wellness, for richer or poorer.

Ways Marriage Can Change Your Finances


Joint Filing

 The IRS gives joint filers one of the largest standard deductions each year, which means you get to deduct a portion of your income immediately.

If you and your partner want to link your credit together in joint accounts, you can expect to see a change in your credit score. 

Credit and Loans

If you live in a state where community property rules apply, understand that merging your finances means taking on your partner’s debt.


Simply combining your finances and assets can lead to some financial benefits. Couples tend to pay less for auto and home insurance due to lower rates and merged plans.

Combined Finances

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