A Savvy Way to Fund Your Dream Wedding: Sell Your Jewelry with Worthy!


Got some old jewelry lying around that you’ll never wear? Learn how selling your old jewelry can help you generate funds to pay for your dream wedding!

Weddings are expensive in general, and when you’re trying to plan your dream wedding, that cost can be unimaginable.

Sure, there are things you can cut back on or sacrifice—vintage gown versus designer, DIY centerpiece or seating chart, etc.—but the fact is, you shouldn’t have to settle if it’s something you truly want. After all, it’s your wedding!

Skincare 101: The Basics

So, instead of cutting corners with the details, how about finding alternatives to fund your dream wedding?

Don’t start pulling out all your credit cards to check their balances. As beautiful and memorable as the day will be, a wedding is not something you should go into debt for.

And, you can put down the classifieds for the perfect side hustle. Alternatively, look at what you’ve got in your life that can turn a profit.


Everyone is quick to sell old clothing, furniture, and electronics (which is a great start), but many look past selling jewelry. Why?

Clear the Clutter to Help Fund Your Wedding

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