A Wedding Planner's Advice for DIY That Works

The Budget Savvy Bride

Is DIYing your wedding the idea that’ll save you and your partner thousands of dollars, or is it the idea that’ll leave you in tears? 

Take this candid advice to make it work from a professional wedding planner.


Lower your expectations.

The quirks of DIY decor are often what give them their charm. Like your relationship, these are one of a kind. Lean into that rather than fight against it. You’ll be happier for it.

Not all weddings have a coordinator or planner. What do you do in those situations? You, as the couple, make it extremely clear who is doing what and by when.

Clear communication saves friendships.

Weddings make a lot of trash. There’s no two ways about it. So please, before you ever order that first package of individually shrink-wrapped Mason jars, take five minutes and brainstorm other ideas. 

Minimize waste.

There are many quality resale groups (Bridechilla Buy & Sell on Facebook is a personal favorite) as well as resources like the Mindfully Wed e-guide from Less Stuff, More Meaning.

Buy Used Wedding Décor Online

Do not do it the night before.

Emotions crank up the week of a wedding because people start arriving. We want to give those emotions lots of space. 

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