Affordable Alternatives to a Champagne Wedding Toast

Champagne is a popular drink of choice for wedding toasts, but it can be expensive. If you’re looking for affordable alternatives, there are plenty of other drinks that will do the trick.

Technically speaking, it’s a form of sparkling wine, which is why the cost is less. But most wedding guests (at least those who are not discerning champagne drinkers) won’t know the difference.


If your goal is to make your wedding feel like a true party, shots might be the way to go! Rather than serving straight vodka, look to limoncello shots instead.


If you’re having an alcohol-free wedding but would rather not toast with water or soda, sparkling cider is a drink to have on your radar. The base of most sparkling ciders is apple juice, and the crisp, sweet taste is perfect for any season.

Sparkling Cider

If you’re celebrating in the morning, why not toast with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? All three can also be served iced (or frozen) during the summer and are great if you or your partner are known for your caffeine obsession.

Classic Morning Drinks

The reason why bars exist is to allow guests to order their drinks of choice. With that in mind, skip the specialty toasting drink entirely and simply ask guests to toast with whatever is in their glasses.

Guests’ Drinks of Choice

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