Bachelorette Party Ideas

Celebrate your upcoming marriage with some good, clean fun with these alcohol-free bachelorette party ideas!

Not having a hangover from the night before on or around your big day is definitely a good one! So if you are not going to go out drinking what should you do? Here is a list of some fun alcohol-free bachelorette party ideas to help get your creative party planning juices flowing!

Despite what Hollywood might show in the movies you can have a super       fun bachelorette party

without a drop of alcohol!

First, decide if you want to go out or stay in.

– Start by meeting at your local thrift store. – Have some index cards or blank pieces of paper that they can fill out with their sizes. – Once everyone fills out their info, put all of the cards in a hat. Have each person pull a card, then go shopping for the person whose name they drew!

Thrift Store Fun

Pick an area in your city that has a lot of restaurants near each other. Start at one restaurant for appetizers, then move to a different restaurant for sides, then another new place for the main course, then end at a restaurant that has a fun dessert like a candy store or fondue restaurant.

Bachelorette Party Progressive dinner

On the day of the run, have your group dress up in matching tutus, tracksuits, or in all white! Run together and then, while still dressed in your color, mud or bubble covered clothes, go to a yummy brunch or lunch together. Before and after photos are a must!

Bachelorette Fun run and brunch

Are there fun activities to do in your area? Do you have a waterpark, amusement park, beach, or are you close to a fun area to hike? Make a day of it with your gals than end at a nearby hotel, cabin, or Airbnb. Anywhere the group of you can get together to spend quality time just hanging out is always a great option.

Bachelorette Staycation

Consider going to a hotel spa where you can use their pool and/or hot tub after your treatments. Then get a room for the night to have a group slumber party after! Taking time for some self-care with your soul-sisters… what could be better?

Bachelorette Spa Day

No matter what kind of party you decide on from a fun run to a day at the spa, make sure to make the bride feel special!