Tips For Planning A Fabulous Backyard Wedding

Planning to have your wedding at home? Don’t miss these backyard wedding tips for hosting a smooth and enjoyable event in your own backyard!

Creating a reasonable list of attendees for a backyard wedding is a must in more ways than one. You should always make sure that you only invite the number of people that can be accommodated in your home.

Get the Guest List Right

You’ll need rain coverage or an alternative indoor location planned just in case. Some rental companies allow you to keep a tent on ‘standby’ and if it ends up unused due to beautiful weather they will not charge you the full amount for the rental.

Prepare for Inclement Weather

Embrace the Natural Decor

You don’t need a ton of decorations when you have an outdoor wedding because the natural scenery is so nice! Consider planting some extra flowers or grab planters from your local home improvement store.

Call In Reinforcements

Enlist friends and family to help and hire a professional here and there to take some of the stress off. For the big day itself, try to make sure that your job as a couple is simply to say your vows, take pictures and enjoy yourselves.

DIY Wedding Improvements

Backyard weddings expose your property for what it is, so make sure that you’ve identified all the problem areas and repaired them accordingly. You could also make additions to your home to advance its appeal and functionality during the wedding if your budget allows.

You need proper lighting so that the party will go on into the night without accidents, but there are ways to do it that can heighten the ambiance. Consider strings of twinkle lights, paper lanterns, or mason jars with candles inside hanging from the tree limbs.

Outdoor Lighting

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