12 Pieces of Dumb Financial Advice That Most People Believe, According to Experts

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Finding terrible advice is very easy today. Many gurus proclaim something as the best and another expert says the opposite. Who should you believe?

According to Certified Financial Planners, Advisors, and other money experts, here is the advice you should avoid.

12 Bad Financial Advice That Most People Believe

A common mistake is a firm blinding conviction that your company’s stock will continue to rise.

“Your Company Isn’t All That”

You should put your old home up for rent after moving into a new one. We hear this from clients at least once a week.

“Become a Landlord”

This advice can cause many investors to concentrate their portfolios on just a few familiar names.

“Invest in Familiar Companies”

Many people believe that a tax refund is a good thing. They also assume that any tax balance due means the tax preparer isn’t skilled at his job.

“A Tax Refund is Better than Owing”

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