Top Apps for Saving Money on a Destination Wedding

Check out this list of top apps for saving money on a destination wedding! These apps are must-haves to save time and money while planning your big day!

We've rounded up the best apps to keep you organized and saving money on your destination wedding and travel needs, no matter if you're an iOS or Android user.

What are some helpful apps for saving money on a

destination wedding?

Travel Freely

Best Credit Card Travel Rewards App

Utilize this awesome app to find the best travel rewards cards to swipe your way to free travel! Travel Freely is a great tool for earning free travel for a destination wedding, honeymoon, or general travel!


Best App for Saving on Accommodations

Experience the destination fully, living like a local. You can book gorgeous villas, luxurious homes, or cozy cabins at a fraction of the price. Airbnb is also a great way for family and friends to save costs.


Best App for Saving on Flights

The first cost that comes to mind: the flights. Hopper doesn’t just let you book flights – it tells you when to buy. Just select the dates and Hopper uses data algorithms and predict the best time to buy with 95% accuracy.


Best App for Transferring Payments

Banks and other international money platforms hide profits in the exchange rate and charge crazy fees. Wise uses the true exchange rate and charges only the low-cost, upfront fee you see before sending.

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