Best Books for Engaged Couples for Wedding Planning and Beyond

The Budget Savvy Bride

When you start out planning a wedding, you’ll probably need to do a little bit of wedding education, so we wanted to round up some of the best books for brides on a budget!

Planning a wedding and attempting to stick to a budget? Don’t miss this list of must-read books for planning your wedding.

 It’s got worksheets, checklists, and helpful exercises to help you plan the wedding you want on a budget you can actually afford.

The Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer

The Bridechilla Survival Guide will free you from wed-stress and the quest for perfection! It’s a refreshing and practical take on the whole process.

The Bridechilla Survival Guide

A Practical Wedding takes a no-nonsense approach to wedding planning. This wedding planner book gives brides permission to forget the rules and do what makes YOU happy. 

A Practical Wedding

This pocket wedding planner book contains 500 easy hacks to help your wedding go as smoothly as possible—from preventing wardrobe malfunctions to making an adjustable seating chart.

Wedding Hacks

This is the first wedding planning books for engaged couples to focus on people with physical disabilities.

Wedding Planning for Spoonies

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