The Best Financial Tips for Newlyweds

Today we bring financial experts together from across the globe with different socio-cultural backgrounds to share their secrets to money management in marriage.

Schedule a regular time to discuss important issues: A game-changer for our relationship with money (and other aspects of our lives) has been setting up weekly meetings.

Setup Regular Discussion Time

–Olivia of Happy in the Hollow, @happyhollowblog

Let The Past Die

The key to building a healthy relationship with money is focusing on continuous and gradual improvement. Each day try to be a little bit better than the previous.

–Michael of Wealth of Geeks, @michaeldinich

My advice to any couple is to talk about money early and often because it lays the groundwork for a successful relationship.

Talk About Money Early

–Jay of Time In The Market, @Timeinthemarket

I think one of the biggest keys for managing finances as a couple is communication. Both of you need to be on the same page.

Be On The Same Page

–Marc of Vital Dollar, @vital_dollar

Remember You Are Partners

You are partners and whether the other person likes talking about it or not, it is incredibly important that you both know and have input on your finances.

–Vicki Cook of Women Who Money, @WomenWhoMoney

Communication, communication, communication.  Discuss a plan, agree on a plan, and communicate regularly on how it’s going.

Communicate Regularly

–FullTimeFinance, @Fulltimefinance

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