Best Man Drops Out After Couple Excludes His Wife Due to Disability

The Budget Savvy Bride

When a man’s brother decided to make his wife dine at a different wedding venue with children, he was so shocked he dropped out of being the best man in his wedding.

Perry, dropped out of his brother’s wedding party as the best man. The wedding had an age limit of twelve and up to avoid dealing with toddlers. However, many guests have younger kids, so the brother and his bride had a nearby venue with a professional sitter for parents to drop off their kids.

Perry’s sister-in-law revealed about the additional venue for the kids and his wife who is physically challenged. Perry dropped out as best man. Perry asked the internet for their input 

The Rehearsal Dinner

“The ableism and infantilizing of your wife from your sister-in-law and brother is disgusting and beyond deplorable behavior.” Another added, “And then his sister-in-law and brother dared to try to make THEMSELVES out to be the victims in this. It’s vile.”

One Person Said

“If your brother doesn’t understand why your wife always comes first, he should not have been getting married. As a couple, you modeled marriage to them.”

Another Was Speechless

It sounds like they knew exactly how insulting it was but waited until the last minute to spring it on you so that you would feel trapped and go along with it. If they had addressed it months ago, some sense could have been talked into them.

Finally, Many Agreed

“The brother and SIL waited until the day before the wedding to admit they weren’t planning on your wife being there? No meal, table assignment at the reception, favor, not counted into the open bar, etc.?

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