5 Best Shopping Apps to Bring Down Your Wedding Shower Bill

The Budget Savvy Bride

With wedding planning underway, you’ll probably be having a wedding or bridal shower at some point during your engagement.

The cost of food, beverages, decor, party games, indulgent desserts, and more for a bridal shower can add up fast.

You can save money on these purchases via free apps that provide discounts, free gift cards, and cashback by buying partner brand products and everyday shopping items.

Before you rack up your bridal shower bill, download these free apps to help save you some coin.

Shopping Apps to Save on Your Bridal Shower Bill

Download Fetch Rewards on your iOS or Android phone to earn points on every purchase for gift cards.

Fetch Rewards

Ibotta is a cashback app that gives users a percentage of their purchase amount back when they buy from partnering brands and retailers.


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