10 Books about Marriage with Surprising Relationship Lessons

The Budget Savvy Bride

Getting married does not mean your life will be rainbows and unicorns forever. To maintain a good and healthy relationship, you must continue communicating and solving problems together.

Sometimes, the most surprising marital lessons may come from the pages of a book you read for pleasure.

Reading books can open your eyes to new insights or points of view. Books can give you a new perspective on life or help you to be more open-minded.

Perhaps you’ll see yourself or your partner in the characters of a novel and it will cause you to take stock of a recurring issue.

Fiction Books That Portray the Ups and Downs of Marriage

A heartwarming love story about a couple fighting to keep their love alive. As they both reflect on their past, present, and future, they must decide whether their relationship is worth it or not

After I Do

In Gilbert’s book Committed, she examines how a woman struggles to achieve her goals and live up to the expectations that burden her.


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