How to Brand Your Wedding in 5 Easy Steps

Planning your wedding well comes down to breaking each task into easy, achievable steps — and we feel the same way about creating a brand for your celebration.

The ultimate goal is for your soiree to have a cohesive look, but that likely feels overwhelming to you as you start. So, we’ve simplified the process into five easy-to-follow steps!

Start by gathering together images that inspire you, whether they’re from homes, fashion, or weddings. Don’t feel as though you need to edit yourself in the beginning — simply save and go.

Research Your Wedding Style

Determine Your Wedding Colors

Once you have a grouping of photos saved from your wedding style step, take a closer look. Not only will you have likely narrowed in on your style, but it’s also very possible that you will have directly (or indirectly) chosen your wedding colors too.

If you’re hosting a more formal affair, your tone will feel more traditional and polished. If you’re hosting a garden wedding, romantic wording might feel more appropriate. A casual or modern, industrial wedding might bring out your fun, hip side.

Consider Your Tone

The most obvious piece many couples love to create or include is a wedding logo. A logo can look like just about anything! You might want to use a monogram, typography, or an illustration to be part of your wedding logo.

Choose Your Visual Elements

Lean into Cohesion

You will want to carry your wedding’s style, color palette, tone, and logo throughout your entire celebration. It helps to make things easy, and it also creates a direct visual story for your guests to follow.

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