Bride Demands Bridesmaid Get Psoriasis Procedure Before Wedding. Is She Wrong

The Budget Savvy Bride

A bride-to-be is causing controversy after she reportedly demanded that one of her bridesmaids undergo a specific procedure before her wedding.

Explore the controversy of a bride demanding her bridesmaid to get a painful psoriasis treatment before her wedding – what did the internet think?

Concern About Her Bridesmaids Scalp

A bride is in a predicament with one of her bridesmaids, “Aubrey,” who has heavy psoriasis on her scalp.

Aubrey was embarrassed by the hurtful request and reminded the bride that the treatment was painful.

The Aftermath of Asking Aubrey

People felt that the bride’s request was unsympathetic and that it added to the self-consciousness that the bridesmaid already had. 

Bride’s Request Was Unsympathetic

Someone compared the bride’s request to asking someone with severe acne to undergo a painful procedure to remove it just for the sake of a wedding.

Acne Hypothesis

A Dermatologist shared that psoriasis is “VERY hard on people’s self-esteem and sufferers often arrange their life to avoid showing any rash in fear of the kinds of comments you are making.

A Dermatologist Weighed In

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