Bride Demands Her Parents Pay For Her Church Wedding. Who Is Wrong?

The Budget Savvy Bride

A bride’s request for her parents to pay for a lavish church wedding has sparked a heated debate on the age-old custom of who should bear the cost of the big day, but with a twist.

When a bride’s parents refused to foot the bill for her church wedding, she was left scrambling to come up with the funds. Find out what happened in this unusual story of family dynamics and modern-day struggles.

It’s Your WEDDING!

One user stated, “If they want the $40k wedding, they can pay for it. Otherwise, stick to your $10k plan. That’s what you and your partner want, and this is YOUR wedding.”

“Your mom can have the wedding she pays for,” explained another. “You don’t want a wedding. She does. You want to go to Jamaica. It’s your money; mom doesn’t get to tell you how to spend it.”

No One Is Entitled To Your Wedding

“Your parents (your mom specifically) are trying to force you to make their wedding dream a reality. That’s weird. I’m with you. " answered one.

Wedding Dream vs Wedding Reality

Another agreed, “You’re willing to pay for what you want; if parents want more, it should be on them to finance it. If they refuse to do so, then they have no say."

Pay for What You Want

“You don’t want them to pay for your wedding,” one suggested. “Have the wedding you want and keep them from reaching the planning. If they pay, they will dictate exactly how the wedding is."

Don’t Let Them Pay

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