Bride’s Brother Falls in Love With the Groom; Refuses To Be In Bridal Party

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Weddings are supposed to be a joyous celebration of love, commitment, and unity. But what happens when a close relative opts out of being a part of the bridal party?

One bride lost a wedding party member when she discovered that her very own brother had fallen in love with her groom! Learn more about this story we spotted on the interwebs.

Falling In Love

 Derek, found himself in an unusual and challenging situation when he fell in love with his sister’s partner.

Eventually, his sister and her partner got engaged, and Derek was asked to be part of the wedding party. Despite feeling grateful for the offer, he declined, feeling that it was too much. The sister is now furious with him.

Their Engagement

One person suggested that Derek and his sister’s partners are jerks for having an emotional affair together. They believed they should come clean about their feelings with the sister.

Emotional Affair

Another suggested "Florence Nightingale Syndrome is where someone giving care falls in love with their patient. Transference is also where a patient falls in love with their caregiver."

Florence Nightingale Syndrome

Someone thought Derek was a jerk for the “unbelievable betrayal to your sister. You’re a grown man acting like a lovestruck 13-year-old who can’t control themselves. 

Acting Like a Lovestruck 13-Year

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