Bridesmaid Outraged The Bride Only Shared 10 Pictures. Is She Right?

The Budget Savvy Bride

From the Reddit wedding drama forums comes a discussion about expectations and reality on photos for the wedding party. Read and weigh in on this wedding dilemma.

Weddings are a day filled with memories, emotions, and plenty of professional pictures. But what happens when a bride only shares a few images with her bridesmaids?

The 10-Image Dilemma

The bridesmaids expressed their disappointment in not seeing all the memories from the special day. Here is how the internet responded.

One user stated that it’s unreasonable to expect the bride to provide the bridesmaids with access to the entire photo album, especially considering the cost of the wedding photos.

It’s Unreasonable

"it is not required for the married couple to share their wedding pictures with anyone." - A seasoned wedding planner weighed in.

The Bride is Not Obligated To Share Anything

Someone said they understand the desire to see the photos but do not view the bride’s decision not to share more as odd. 

Expecting Photos Is Unusual

it was suggested that the bridesmaids should have asked the bride for access to the photo album or discussed their expectations. 

Shouldn’t Be a Surprise

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