Bridezilla Expects Guest To Pay For Dinner Plate and Venue. Would You

The Budget Savvy Bride

Are you ready for a wild ride into the world of wedding planning gone wrong? Then, get ready to hear about a bride causing quite a stir with her outrageous demands for her guests.

Read the shocking story of one bridezilla who not only asked her guests to pay for their wedding meal but also hadn’t spoken to them in two years.

Wedding Invitation

Sarah received an unexpected wedding invitation from an old university fellow. she noticed that at the bottom of the invite was a bill for $400 to pay for the venue and an additional $150 for the meal.

Many expressed shock and disbelief at the request to pay $550 to attend a wedding, stating that they wouldn’t even consider paying such an amount for someone they liked.

$550 To Attend 

Another suggested that Sarah should hit reply all on the email and ask, “Who the heck invites someone to a wedding after telling them two YEARS ago that we can no longer be friends.

Reply All

One user shared that they paid around $300 to attend a wedding, noting that the expense was primarily for a new outfit as they had yet to wear formal attire in years.

Only for a Close Friend

Finally, many in the thread confessed that they had never heard of charging your guests to attend the wedding.

Never Heard of This

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