Brilliant Tips to Maximize Your Wedding Budget

Whether you are newly engaged or already planning your event, you are busy dreaming about your perfect wedding day. Before you make any major decisions, you will need to determine an appropriate budget for the occasion.

As you start your wedding planning, one of your first decisions is the theme or style of your wedding. Your theme is going to dictate many of your other decisions, including décor and your wedding dress.

Start with Styling

Many packages include all-day photography and multiple wedding albums. Instead, look at booking a photographer to capture the ceremony, some of the key moments, and some portraits. Then, use DIY methods and the help of guests to get great photos of those other moments throughout the event.

Professional Photography Package

Be smart by selecting in-season and locally grown flowers. Select larger flowers, so you need fewer.

Frugal Floral Arrangements

As you develop the décor plan for your ceremony and reception venues, consider ways you can save money through smart selections and DIY projects.

DIY the Décor

Mid-afternoon weddings could offer light hors-d’oeuvres and a cake. If you decide that you want to serve a meal, limit your food options with just a few main dishes with reasonably priced ingredients.

Food and Drink Ideas

These smart tips can help you find ways to maximize your spending power.