Where to Buy Wedding Canvas Prints

The Budget Savvy Bride

As a bride-to-be or newly-married lady, you’ve probably thought about getting some of your photos printed especially in canvas form!

This is all the rage with brides and newlyweds, and there are so many places to choose from along with countless options of sizes, number of pictures, captions, etc.

Today we’re taking all the guesswork out of your query and doing the research for you. Whether you want to print your Instagram photos or your professional wedding pictures, these options are all worth looking into!

Canvas Print Shops for Wedding Photos

It seems that Easy Canvas Prints are always running a sale, and at $67 (25% off + free shipping) for a 16 x 20, we’re sold.

Easy Canvas Prints *Our Pick*

Canvas Champ is a fantastic resource for affordable canvas prints. Get a 16 x 20 on sale for less than $20!

Canvas Champ

Artifact Uprising is well-known for their high-quality photo products, and their canvas prints are no exception.

Artifact Uprising

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