Can You & Your Spouse Afford to Retire Early?

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Does the idea of early retirement sound appealing? It’s a lifelong dream for millions of Americans, but it could also become a reality when you make smart money moves at the right times.

Achieving early retirement often requires sacrifices throughout your life. 

Can You & Your Spouse Afford to Retire Early?

Retirement is such a loaded term. It means different things to different people. If you’re interested in retiring early, good for you. But you’ve got some work to do.

Decide What Early Retirement Means to You

An important part of picking a date for early retirement is to know if you have enough money saved. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way of knowing exactly how much money you need.

Use Retirement Calculators to Help Decide When You Can Retire

 A way to get there faster is by obtaining a second job. Working another job will enable you to pay off debt quicker and save more money.

Get a Second Job

Instead of trying to save money by always looking for the lowest price, try to spend intentionally by buying fewer but higher quality items and services.

Shop Smarter

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